New Listed Companies In NSE 2023

new listed companies in nse 2023, today we will know about New Launch Share In Market 2023. We are giving you very detailed information about it.

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A lot of new people are coming into the stock market. Whatever new people are coming into the stock market, they are either a student or a businessman or a working person and such people are looking for those shares which are currently available in the stock market. Listed in.

So today in this article we are going to give you information about those shares which have just been listed in the stock market.

To get listed in the stock market, a company has to come with an IPO and it is only through this IPO that a company gets listed in the stock market.

In a way, this list of stocks is the list of the companies which have just been listed through IPO.

New Listed Companies In NSE 2023

We are giving you the list of New Listed Companies In NSE 2023 below. All these shares have just been listed in the stock market through IPO and we are also giving many additional information about the shares given in this list.

Like, what was the listing date of these stocks in the stock market, at what price they had brought IPO i.e. (IPO Issue Price), apart from this, what is the recent share price of the company (Recent Share Price) and has the company till now You will also get all this information in this list about the percentage of return given from your listing price which will prove to be very useful for you.

New Listed Companies In NSE 2023 In December

NO.Company NameListing DateShare Price
1Azad Engineering Ltd28 Dec 2023692
2Happy Forgings Ltd27 Dec 20231029
3Credo Brands Marketing Ltd27 Dec 2023292
4RBZ Jewellers Ltd27 Dec 2023116
5Muthoot Microfin Ltd26 Dec 2023251
6Suraj Estate Developers Ltd26 Dec 2023331
7Inox India limited21 Dec 2023883
8Doms industries Ltd20 Dec 20231251
9Flair Writing Industries Ltd1 Dec 2023349

New Listed Companies In NSE 2023 In July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov

IPO Issue
Price (Rs)
Return From
Listing Price
Canarys Automations Limited31Oct 03, 202341NSE SME
Valiant Laboratories Limited140Oct 03, 20231680.78 %BSE, NSE
E Factor Experiences Limited75Oct 03, 20231254 %NSE SME
Kontor Space Limited93Oct 03, 20231100 %NSE SME
Vinyas Innovative Technologies Limited165Oct 03, 202340110 %NSE SME
Oneclick Logistics India Limited99Oct 03, 2023133NSE SME
Sunita Tools Limited IPO145Oct 03, 2023147BSE SME
Goyal Salt Limited38Oct 03, 2023136NSE SME
City Crops Agro Limited25Sep 29, 2023240 %BSE SME
Digikore Studios Limited171Sep 27, 2023285-1 %NSE SME
JSW Infrastructure Limited119Sep 27, 20231747 %BSE, NSE
Saakshi Medtech and Panels Limited97Sep 27, 2023195-21 %NSE SME
Inspire Films Limited59Sep 27, 2023680.88 %NSE SME
Newjaisa Technologies Limited47Sep 27, 20238210 %NSE SME
Arabian Petroleum Limited70Sep 27, 202370-3 %NSE SME
Updater Services Limited300Sep 27, 2023BSE, NSE
Manoj Vaibhav Gems ‘N’ Jewellers Limited215Sep 26, 202324913%BSE, NSE
Organic Recycling Systems Limited200Sep 26, 202324010%BSE SME
Hi-Green Carbon Limited75Sep 25, 202311940%NSE SME
Mangalam Alloys Limited80Sep 25, 202361-18%NSE SME
Marco Cables & Conductors Limited36Sep 25, 2023469%NSE SME
Signature Global (India) Limited385Sep 22, 20235058%BSE, NSE
Sai Silks (Kalamandir) Limited222Sep 22, 2023241-2%BSE, NSE
Madhusudan Masala Limited70Sep 21, 2023116-2%NSE SME
Techknowgreen Solutions Limited86Sep 21, 202314147%BSE SME
Master Components Limited140Sep 21, 20231410.6%NSE SME
Cellecor Gadgets Limited92Sep 20, 202313436%NSE SME
Yatra Online Limited142Sep 20, 20231404%BSE, NSE
Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics Limited40Sep 20, 202310841%NSE SME
Kody Technolab Limited160Sep 20, 202323827%NSE SME
SAMHI Hotels Limited126Sep 18, 202316113%BSE, NSE
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services Limited164Sep 18, 202322139%BSE, NSE
R R Kabel Limited1035Sep 15, 2023147821%BSE, NSE
Kundan Edifice Limited91Sep 15, 202376-2%NSE SME
Chavda Infra Limited65Sep 14, 2023931.39%NSE SME
EMS Limited211Sep 12, 202331513%BSE, NSE
Unihealth Consultancy Limited132Sep 12, 2023123-3%NSE SME
Jiwanram Sheoduttrai Industries Limited23Sep 12, 202319-30%NSE SME
Meson Valves India Limited102Sep 12, 20232082%BSE SME
Jupiter Life Line Hospitals Limited735Sep 08, 202310640.87%BSE, NSE
Kahan Packaging Limited80Sep 08, 2023107-32%BSE SME
Ratnaveer Precision Engineering Limited98Sep 06, 2023114-11%BSE, NSE
Basilic Fly Studio Limited97Sep 05, 20232800.25%NSE SME
Pramara Promotions Limited63Sep 05, 202385-26%NSE SME
Saroja Pharma Industries India Limited84Sep 05, 202359-9%NSE SME
Rishabh Instruments Limited441Sep 01, 202351619%BSE, NSE
C P S Shapers Limited185Aug 31, 2023448-7%NSE SME
Mono Pharmacare Limited28Aug 30, 20233623%NSE SME
Sahaj Fashions Limited30Aug 29, 202327-9%NSE SME
Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Limited99Aug 28, 202318424%BSE, NSE
Aeroflex Industries Limited108Aug 24, 2023147-11%BSE, NSE
Sungarner Energies Limited83Aug 23, 2023210-29%NSE SME
Pyramid Technoplast Limited166Aug 22, 20231883%BSE, NSE
Crop Life Science Limited52Aug 22, 202341-27%NSE SME
Bondada Engineering Limited75Aug 22, 202320540%BSE SME
Shoora Designs Limited48Aug 21, 202350-45%BSE SME
TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited197Aug 14, 20232295%BSE, NSE
Shelter Pharma Limited42Aug 14, 202339-8%BSE SME
Srivari Spices and Foods Limited42Aug 09, 20231174%NSE SME
Yudiz Solutions Limited165Aug 08, 2023163-15%NSE SME
Concord Biotech Limited741Aug 08, 2023115421%BSE, NSE
Sangani Hospitals Limited40Aug 08, 202340-5.62%NSE SME
SBFC Finance Limited57Aug 07, 202384-8%BSE, NSE
Vinsys IT Services Limited128Aug 04, 202327128%NSE SME
Oriana Power Limited118Aug 03, 2023314-2%NSE SME
Zeal Global Services Limited103Aug 01, 202318818%NSE SME
Yatharth Hospital and Trauma Care Services Limited300Jul 28, 202342122%BSE, NSE
Shri Techtex Limited61Jul 28, 202380-7%NSE SME
Innovatus Entertainment Networks Limited50Jul 27, 202333-37%BSE SME
Khazanchi Jewellers Limited140Jul 28, 202321039%BSE SME
Yasons Chemex Care Limited40Jul 26, 202328-19%NSE SME
Asarfi Hospital Limited52Jul 19, 20231073%BSE SME
Netweb Technologies India Limited500Jul 19, 2023881-9%BSE, NSE
Service Care Limited67Jul 18, 202360-11%NSE SME
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Limited25Jul 14, 20235617%BSE, NSE
Ahasolar Technologies Limited157Jul 13, 202331038%BSE SME
Kaka Industries Limited58Jul 12, 202318256%BSE SME
Drone Destination Limited65Jul 13, 202313129%NSE SME
AccelerateBS India Limited90Jul 11, 202322691%BSE SME
Senco Gold Limited317Jul 06, 202364352%BSE, NSE
Alphalogic Industries Limited96Jul 06, 2023297180%BSE SME
Tridhya Tech Limited42Jul 05, 202341-6%NSE SME
Synoptics Technologies Limited237Jul 05, 2023125-45%NSE SME
PKH Ventures Limited148Jul 04, 2023BSE, NSE
Global Pet Industries Limited49Jul 03, 20237745%NSE SME
Cyient DLM Limited265Jun 30, 202367258%BSE, NSE
Pentagon Rubber Limited70Jun 30, 2023118-5%NSE SME
ideaForge Technology Limited672Jun 30, 2023809-39%BSE, NSE
Essen Speciality Films Limited107Jun 27, 2023146-8%NSE SME
Greenchef Appliances Limite87Jun 27, 20231113%NSE SME
Magson Retail And Distribution Limited65Jun 27, 202387-9%NSE SME
Veefin Solutions Limited82Jun 26, 2023236164%BSE SME
HMA Agro Industries Limited585Jun 23, 202371822%BSE, NSE
Aatmaj Healthcare Limited60Jun 21, 202346-14NSE SME
Vilin Bio Med Limited30Jun 21, 202322-20NSE SME
Cell Point (India) Limited100Jun 20, 202350-48NSE SME
Cosmic CRF Limited314Jun 21, 20232631BSE SME
Bizotic Commercial Limited175Jun 15, 202362-63BSE SME
Urban Enviro Waste Management Limited100Jun 14, 2023135-5NSE SME
Spectrum Talent Management Limited173Jun 14, 2023137-12NSE SME
Sonalis Consumer Products Limited30Jun 09, 20236461BSE SME
IKIO Lighting Limited285Jun 08, 2023343-14BSE, NSE
Kore Digital Limited180Jun 07, 202330664NSE SME
Comrade Appliances Limited54Jun 05, 202315555BSE SME
Sahana System Limited135Jun 02, 202325448NSE SME
CFF Fluid Control Limited165Jun 02, 2023399111BSE SME
Infollion Research Services Limited82May 31, 2023189-6NSE SME
Hemant Surgical Industries Limited90May 26, 20232009BSE SME
Proventus Agrocom Limited771May 26, 20238953NSE SME
Vasa Denticity Limited128May 25, 2023477108NSE SME
Crayons Advertising Limited65May 25, 202314957NSE SME
Remus Pharmaceuticals Limited1229May 19, 20235049177NSE SME
Krishca Strapping Solutions Limited54May 19, 202322699NSE SME
Auro Impex & Chemicals Limited78May 15, 20236615NSE SME
Nexus Select Trust REIT100May 11, 202312622BSE, NSE
De Neers Tools Limited101May 03, 202323627NSE SME
Innokaiz India Limited78May 03, 2023127-15BSE SME
Mankind Pharma Limited1080Apr 27, 2023176824BSE, NSE
Retina Paints Limited30Apr 24, 202365120BSE SME
Quicktouch Technologies Limited61Apr 21, 2023218114NSE SME
A G Universal Limited60Apr 13, 2023NSE SME
Pattech Fitwell Tube Components Limited50Apr 12, 2023620.66NSE SME
Avalon Technologies Limited436Apr 06, 202355241BSE, NSE
MOS Utility Limited76Apr 06, 202387-6NSE SME
Sancode Technologies Limited47Apr 06, 20238438BSE SME
Infinium Pharmachem Limited135Apr 05, 2023252240NSE SME
Exhicon Events Media Solutions Limited64Apr 05, 2023282324BSE SME
Sotac Pharmaceuticals Limited111Apr 03, 20231200.17NSE SME
Maiden Forgings Limited63Mar 27, 202310886BSE SME
Udayshivakumar Infra Limited35Mar 23, 20233616BSE, NSE
Dev Labtech Venture Limited51Mar 21, 20235917BSE SME
Command Polymers Limited28Mar 21, 2023260BSE SME
Nirman Agri Genetics Limited99Mar 20, 202319575NSE SME
Bright Outdoor Media Limited146Mar 17, 2023441181BSE SME
Quality Foils (India) Limited60Mar 16, 20231028NSE SME
Global Surfaces Limited140Mar 15, 202321022BSE, NSE
Labelkraft Technologies Limited55Mar 15, 20237330BSE SME
VELS Film International Limited99Mar 14, 202312522NSE SME
Sudarshan Pharma Industries Ltd73Mar 14, 20238014BSE SME
Prospect Commodities Limited61Mar 13, 2023644BSE SME
MCON Rasayan India Limited40Mar 10, 2023145174NSE SME
Systango Technologies Limited90Mar 06, 2023232112NSE SME
Vertexplus Technologies Limited96Mar 06, 202319079NSE SME
Divgi TorqTransfer Systems Limited590Mar 03, 2023104670BSE, NSE
ITCONS E-Solutions Limited51Mar 02, 202348-3BSE SME
ResGen Limited47Mar 02, 20237664BSE SME
Amanaya Ventures Limited23Feb 28, 20231521BSE SME
SVJ Enterprises Limited36Feb 28, 2023BSE SME
Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes Limited41Feb 28, 2023123191NSE SME
Patron Exim Limited27Feb 24, 20239.25-65BSE SME
Macfos Limited102Feb 21, 2023395107BSE SME
Sealmatic India Limited225Feb 21, 2023528119BSE SME
Viaz Tyres Limited62Feb 21, 202346-32NSE SME
Agarwal Float Glass India Limited42Feb 15, 2023441.25NSE SME
Indong Tea Company Limited26Feb 13, 202320-8BSE SME
Lead Reclaim and Rubber Products Limited25Feb 13, 2023490NSE SME
Shera Energy Limited57Feb 09, 2023164-0.12NSE SME
Earthstahl & Alloys Limited40Jan 31, 202358-10BSE SME
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals Limited30Jan 30, 2023107.5179NSE SME
Transvoy Logistics India Limited71Jan 24, 202378.75-7.42BSE SME
DHARNI Capital Services Limited20Jan 20, 202329.8847BSE SME
Aristo Bio-Tech and Lifescience Limited72Jan 19, 202384-6NSE SME
Ducol Organics And Colours Limited78Jan 11, 202316432NSE SME
Eastern Logica Infoway Limited225Jan 09, 2023601.45111BSE SME
Chaman Metallics Limited38Jan 06, 202369.256NSE SME

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