penny stocks india less than 1.00

penny stocks india less than 1.00, Which stock is less than 1 rs?,best penny stocks less than 1.00 in india, best penny stocks to buy in india less than 1.00

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penny stocks india less than 1.00 :- If you invest in penny stocks and you are looking for such stocks whose share price is trading below Rs 1.

So in this article I am going to give you a list of stocks worth less than Rs 1. This list will prove to be very useful for you and you will find a good penny stock from this data.

In this list, you have been given penny stocks india less than 1.00, for which we have given different information along with its market cap, PE ratio, 1 year return, 3 year return and promoter holding. So that it becomes easier for you to analyse stocks.

penny stocks india less than 1.00 based on High market cap

No.Company NameStock PriceMarket Cap
1Future Consumer0.9179.73
2Visesh Infotec.0.47177.39
3Avance Tech.0.79156.57
4Siti Networks0.8372.38
5NCl Res. & Finl.0.6165.29
6Landmarc Leisur.0.7963.2
7Excel Realty0.4259.25
8Future Enterp.0.8158.97
9G V Films0.6357.63
10Shalimar Prod.0.5554.13
11Monotype India0.7552.73
12Visagar Finan.0.8449.03
13Yamini Invest0.9147.84
14A R C Finance0.8140.91
15Godha Cabcon0.639.97
16Virtual Global0.9439.81
17Shree Securities0.4838.31
18Global Cap.Mkt.0.9638.24
19Johnson Pharma0.6937.95
20Sanwaria Consum.0.4936.06
21Greencrest Finan0.9534.73
22Vikas Proppant0.6432.95
23MFL India0.7727.74
25Goenka Diamond0.7523.78
26Gayatri Highways0.9723.24
27Interworld Digi.0.4421.05
28Jackson Invest0.6920.06
29Sharp Investment0.8119.61
307NR Retail Ltd0.6618.48

penny stocks india less than 1.00 based on High PE Ratio.

No.Company NameStock PriceMarket CapPE Ratio
1VKJ Infradevelop0.4811.43571.41
2Ramchandra Leas.0.864.41440.24
3Avance Tech.0.79156.57381.88
4A R C Finance0.8140.91292.14
5Yamini Invest0.9147.84199.34
6Hit Kit Global0.923.4170
7Cistro Telelink0.633.23161.5
8Jackson Invest0.6920.06154.32
9Setubandhan Inf.0.810.05111.69
10Kretto Syscon0.8212.8571.41
11Virtual Global0.9439.8165.26
12Class. Gl. Fin.0.511.8762.33
13Seven Hill Inds.0.678.7151.22
14NCl Res. & Finl.0.6165.2945.03
15Wagend Infra0.934.3931.31
16Mahan Industries0.893.226.7
17Sword-Edge Comm.0.316.7211.41
18Monotype India0.7552.737.21
19Greencrest Finan0.9534.736.15
20Visagar Finan.0.8449.035.94

Penny Stocks India Less Than 1.00 Based On High 1 Year Return.

No.Company NameStock PriceMarket CapPE Ratio1 Year Return
1Avance Tech.0.79156.57381.881850
2Monotype India0.7552.737.21125
3Mahan Industries0.893.226.7102.38
4Risa Internatio.0.9414.9984.91
5NCl Res. & Finl.0.6165.2945.0334.78
6Cistro Telelink0.633.23161.534.04
7Sun Retail0.8413.0533.33
8SGN Telecoms0.564.5326.09
9Baron Infotech0.780.823.81
10Gayatri Highways0.9723.2423.53
11Kretto Syscon0.8212.8571.4122.06
12Triton Corp.0.448.818.92
13VKJ Infradevelop0.4811.43571.4114.63
14Hit Kit Global0.923.417012.2
15Shalimar Prod.0.5554.138

Penny Stocks India Less Than 1.00 Based On High 3 Year Return.

No.Company NameStock PriceMarket Cap3 Year Return
1Global Cap.Mkt.0.9638.24213.01
2Avance Tech.0.79156.57149.87
3NCl Res. & Finl.0.6266.36117.81
4Visagar Finan.0.8449.03101.65
5MFL India0.7727.7468.27
6Hit Kit Global0.923.454.39
7Mahan Industries0.893.252.43
8Sharp Investment0.8119.6150.88
9A R C Finance0.8241.4239.96
10Yamini Invest0.9147.8438.14
11Johnson Pharma0.6937.9535.07
12Baron Infotech0.780.834.58
13Excel Realty0.4259.2533.01
14Ramchandra Leas.0.864.4131.43
15Cistro Telelink0.633.2325.33
16Greencrest Finan0.9534.736.15
18Seven Hill Inds.0.668.5850.46
20Kretto Syscon0.8212.8571.41
23Class. Gl. Fin.0.511.8762.33
29Setubandhan Inf.0.759.42104.71

Penny Stocks India Less Than 1.00 Based On High Promoter Holding.

No.Company NameStock PriceMarket CapPramoter Holding
1Landmarc Leisur.0.7963.274.99
2Triton Corp.0.448.867.62
3Goenka Diamond0.825.3757.55
4Satra Properties0.916.0554.35
5Viaan Industries0.657.1749.13
6GCM Securit.0.9217.4841.59
8Sharp Investment0.8119.6136.07
9Procal Electroni0.540.1935.88
10Muzali Arts0.945.5532.77
11Nouveau Global0.5510.2132.72
12Shree Securities0.4838.3130.63
13Setubandhan Inf.0.759.4227.42
14VKJ Infradevelop0.4911.6726.33
15Monotype India0.7552.7325.22
16R G F Capital0.588.724.98
17Twinstar Indus.0.881.9824.56
18Gangotri Textile0.943.0824.53
19SGN Telecoms0.564.5324.49
20Vikas Proppant0.6533.4622.06
21Class. Gl. Fin.0.511.8721.54
22Omansh Enterpri.0.470.8421.11
23Excel Realty0.4259.2519.99
24Future Enterp.0.7554.616.37
257NR Retail Ltd0.6618.4815.61
26Sanwaria Consum.0.4936.0615.34
27Negotium Intl.0.642.5115.18
28Risa Internatio.0.9414.9913.09
29Baron Infotech0.780.812.44
30Sturdy Industrie0.517.7112.09
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