Nifty PSU Bank Stocks List & Weightage and Share Price 2024

Nifty PSU Bank Stocks List & Weightage and Share Price : Nifty PSU Bank Weightage Stocks List 2024 | Nifty PSU Bank Weightage 2024 | Nifty PSU Bank Weightage NSE| Weightage of Stocks in Nifty PSU bank | bank nifty weightage shares | Nifty Bank Weightage List

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If you are a stock market trader or a stock market investor or even a student, if you want information about nifty psu bank weightage 2024, then you are at the right place.

We are going to give you complete details of Nifty PSU bank weightage in this article on our website.

Along with information about Nifty PSU Bank weightage, you are going to get many other important information about Nifty PSU Bank.

For complete information you must read this article.

Nifty PSU Bank Stocks List & Weightage (Nifty PSU Bank Weightage )

We are Providing you the Nifty PSU Bank Weightage list below with Company name and Weightages Percent.

No.Company Nameweightage 2024
1SBIN ( State bank of India )25.87 %
2Bank of Baroda18.67 %
3PNB ( Punjab National Bank )13.34 %
4Canbk ( Canara Bank Ltd )11.61 %
5Bankindia ( Bank Of India )5.7 %
6Mahabank ( Bank of Maharashtra )3.28 %
7Union Bank8.07 %
8India Bank7.63 %
9IOB ( Indian Overseas Bank )1.93 %
10Uco Bank1.61 %
11Central Bank of India1.86 %
12PSB ( Punjab & Sind Bank )0.43 %

What is Nifty PSU Bank?

First of all we know about the Nifty PSU Bank in Simple word

The Nifty PSU Bank Index is an index that consists of the top 12 public sector banks in India. 

It is calculated based on their market cap and the number of freely tradable shares. 

This index is specifically created to track the performance of these government-owned banks. 

It is updated in real-time and undergoes a comprehensive review every six months to ensure its accuracy and relevance.

Nifty PSU Bank List 2024

12 Banks have been Included In Nifty PSU Bank these banks name list is below given.

NumberBank Name
1SBIN ( State bank of India )
2Bank of Baroda
3PNB ( Punjab National Bank )
4Canbk ( Canara Bank Ltd )
5Bankindia ( Bank Of India )
6Mahabank ( Bank of Maharashtra )
7Union Bank
8India Bank
9IOB ( Indian Overseas Bank )
10Uco Bank
11Central Bank of India
12PSB ( Punjab & Sind Bank )

Nifty PSU Bank List With Share Price And Weightage 

We are giving you the details of the list of Nifty PSU Bank below, in which along with the weightage, you are also being given information about the stock price.

No.Company Nameweightage 2024Stock Price 
1SBIN (State bank of India)25.87 %598 रु 
2Bank of Baroda18.67 %215 रु 
3PNB (Punjab National Bank)13.34 %77 रु 
4Canbk (Canara Bank Ltd)11.61 %383 रु 
5Bankindia (Bank Of India)5.7 %109 रु 
6Mahabank ( Bank of Maharashtra )3.28 %46 रु 
7Union Bank8.07 %102 रु 
8India Bank7.63 %421 रु 
9IOB (Indian Overseas Bank)1.93 %43 रु 
10Uco Bank1.61 %43 रु 
11Central Bank of India1.86 %50 रु 
12PSB (Punjab & Sind Bank)0.43 %46 रु 

Nifty PSU Bank Index Performance 

In recent times, Nifty PSU Bank stocks have performed very well and have given very good returns to their investors compared to other indices.

The performance of Nifty PSU Bank Index is as follows.


Nifty PSU Bank Index Portfolio Characteristics

MethodologyPeriodic Capped Free Float
No. Of Constituents12
Nifty PSU Bank Launch DateAugust 30, 2004
Base DateJanuary 01, 2004
Base Value1000
Calculation FrequencyReal – Time
Index RebalancingSemi- Annually

Top Constituents by Weightage

Company NameWeight % 
State Bank of India26.33
Bank of Baroda18.69
Punjab National Bank13.25
Canara Bank11.54
Union Bank of India8.21
Indian Bank7.76
Bank of India5.50
Bank of Maharashtra3.16
Indian overseas Bank1.90
Central Bank of India1.74

Nifty PSU Index Stocks Fundamentals

P/E ( Price To Earning )P/BDividend Yield

Nifty PSU Index Return

Ind. ReturnQtdYtd1 Year5 YearsSince Ince.
Price Return8.693.4448.746.147.90
Total Return8.694.2149.846.869.54
Statistics1 Year5 YearSince Inception
Std. Deviation27.3834.1135.23
Beta ( Nifty 50 )1.431.161.15
Correlation ( Nifty 50 )0.580.660.72

1 Year Performance of Nifty PSU Comparison of Other Sector Indices


Are there any PSU Bank Index ETF

Kotak Nifty PSU Bank ETF AND ICICI Prudential Nifty PSU Bank ETF AND Nippon India ETF Nifty PSU Bank BeES.

What is the PE ratio of Nifty PSU Bank?

अभी के टाइम में Nifty PSU Bank का PE 7 है.

What is the market cap of Nifty PSU Bank?

Nifty PSU Bank का मार्केट कैप 1,211,815.78 Cr. है (as of 26.09.2024 )  जो मार्केट के साथ साथ कम ज्यादा होते रहता है.

What is the full meaning of PSU?

The full meaning of PSU is Public Sector Undertaking. Companies predominantly owned by the government are referred to as PSU (Public Sector Undertaking) companies.

How many stocks are included in the Nifty PSU Bank Index?

A total of 12 stocks are included in the Nifty PSU Bank Index, the list of which is given above at the beginning of this article.

Which stock has the highest weightage in Nifty PSU Bank Index?

The State Bank of India (SBIN) holds the largest share in the index, comprising 26.33% of its total weight.

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