Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs

Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 rs, Debt free penny stocks under 10 rs india, 

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Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs If you invest in the stock market and you want information about Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs.

In today’s article we are going to give you information about Debt Free Penny Stocks Under Rs 10.

Through this article, we will tell you all the stocks in Sensex and Nifty in the Indian market which are currently trading at a price below ₹ 10.

And we are going to give a list of completely debt free companies so that it becomes easier for you to do penny stock analysis to invest in penny stocks.

If you invest in penny stocks in the stock market, then this list will prove to be very useful for you because in this we are going to give you information about absolutely debt free companies with a price of less than ₹ 10.

In this article you will be given the following information.

  • All Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs list
  • Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs With High Market Cap
  • Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs With High ROCE & ROE
  • Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs With High Promoter Holding
  • Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs With High PE Ratio
  • Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs With Low PE Ratio
  • Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs With High 3 Year Sales CAGR
  • Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs With High 3 Year Profit CAGR

What are Debt Free Penny Stocks Under Rs 10?

Shares of such companies which are currently trading below ₹ 10 and are absolutely debt free companies, we will call them Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs.

Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs.

There are about 137 such stocks in the Indian stock market whose share price is currently trading at ₹ 10 or below and all these penny stocks are completely debt free penny stocks.

We are giving you the list of Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs below, where we will give you the name of the company, its share price and market cap and loan information in Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs.

S.No.Company NameStock PriceMarket Cap (In Cr.)Debt
1Future Ent. DVR6.42 रु25.270
2Beeyu Overseas3.97 रु5.610
3Pion. Agro Extr.9.31 रु4.030
4Richirich Invent8.63 रु7.590
5Elegant Floricul7.24 रु14.480
6Pratik Panels9.28 रु59.30
7TeleCanor Global6.69 रु7.620
8CNI Research3.94 रु45.230
9Landmark Prop.9.9 रु132.80
10M P Agro Inds.9.5 रु5.510
11Paras Petrofils2.87 रु95.920
12Innocorp6 रु4.770
13Welcure Drugs4.89 रु6.610
14Zenith Health3.9 रु20.970
15Shyama Infosys3.06 रु3.080
16Raymed Labs2.45 रु1.050
17Croissance Ltd6.03 रु41.30
18Computer Point5.01 रु15.030
19Svam Software5.12 रु8.650
20ACI Infocom1.46 रु16.130
21BLS Infotech3 रु131.290
22Orchasp Ltd5.9 रु88.410
23Universal Office6.41 रु9.390
24Linaks Microelec1.16 रु2.010
25Cont. Controls7.82 रु4.80
26Konndor Indust.9.07 रु5.010
27Omni Ax’s3.5 रु6.020
28T. Spiritual1.49 रु2.980
29Parle Industries8.37 रु11.730
30Teamo Production1.14 रु98.180
31Mid East Port.6.17 रु3.110
32G K Consultants8.02 रु4.250
33G-Tech Info.1.45 रु0.510
34India Lease Dev.9.83 रु14.460
35Indo Credit Cap.1.78 रु1.290
36Jagsonpal Fin.8.02 रु4.410
37Sumeru Industrie2.45 रु17.640
38Cubical Finan1.71 रु11.140
39Rander Corpn.9.8 रु12.080
40Hasti Finance9.36 रु10.150
41Kashyap TeleMed.1.58 रु7.550
42Swadeshi Inds1.91 रु2.070
43Ashirwad Cap.7.95 रु47.70
44Vax Housing Fin.2.1 रु2.520
45Woodsvilla8.11 रु4.880
46ACE EduTremd Ltd1.9 रु1.740
47Trimurthi9.93 रु8.040
48Gemstone Invest.1.07 रु80
49Wellness Noni7 रु2.240
50Pagaria Energy9.49 रु4.130
51Blue Chip India2.29 रु12.670
52NCl Res. & Finl.0.73 रु78.130
53Wagend Infra1.05 रु4.950
54Shyamkamal Inv7.25 रु6.010
55FGP6.86 रु8.160
56Jai Mata Glass2.1 रु210
57Kretto Syscon1.15 रु18.030
58Bisil Plast2.45 रु13.240
59SGN Telecoms0.56 रु4.520
60MFS Intercorp9.42 रु4.070
61Dhenu Buildcon2.09 रु3.820
62Elango Industrie9.73 रु3.710
63P.M. Telelinnks6.54 रु6.590
64Omkar Overseas3.9 रु1.950
65Mid India Inds.8.6 रु14.030
66Gem Spinners4 रु24.560
67Amraworld Agrico1.19 रु14.320
68Haria Exports4.8 रु5.540
69Meyer Apparel1.9 रु15.30
70NB Footwear9.99 रु13.490
71Tahmar Enterp.2.69 रु8.390
72Tridev Infra.2.38 रु1.550
73Looks Health6.29 रु6.610
74Khyati Multimed.1.74 रु1.880
75Devine Impex8.6 रु8.20
76Saianand Commer.0.63 रु14.310
77Garware Marine9.85 रु5.680
78Rajeswari Infra.5.13 रु2.840
79BMB Music2.58 रु1.560
80Empower India2.33 रु271.170
81Bombay Talkies4.6 रु24.840
82Yamini Invest1.06 रु55.750
83Rajas. Petro Syn1.73 रु2.80
84GCM Securit.1.11 रु21.090
85Khoobsurat Ltd1.68 रु22.340
86GCM Commodity6.56 रु4.870
87VCU Data Managem7.32 रु11.350
88B P Capital4.9 रु2.950
89Unishire Urban5.88 रु14.30
90B.C. Power6.05 रु42.220
91Mangalam Industr5.89 रु639.380
92Sharp Investment0.85 रु20.580
93Jackson Invest0.94 रु27.330
94Ramchandra Leas.1.08 रु5.530
95Sirohia & Sons6.77 रु6.940
96Goenka Business7.5 रु9.740
97Panafic Industri1.38 रु11.350
98India Radiators5.39 रु0.490
99Bansisons Tea3.6 रु2.280
100NCC Blue Water9.5 रु7.360
101Swojas Energy9.04 रु27.990
102Shamrock Indl.7.59 रु4.120
103Softrak Venture6.88 रु31.010
104Telesys Info.9.61 रु19.680
105Thirani Projects3.69 रु7.460
106JLA Infraville4.41 रु2.860
107Shree Securities0.47 रु37.510
108V B Industries7.23 रु9.470
109Panth Infinity8.93 रु16.490
110Adcon Capital2.58 रु9.160
111Ontic Finserve0.77 रु6.930
112Concrete Infra2.86 रु2.150
113Symbiox Investme3.46 रु10.820
114Taaza Intern.7.4 रु5.360
115Libord Finance9.99 रु15.690
116Tatia Global4.87 रु73.830
117Universal Arts2.04 रु2.030
118Vision Cinemas1.39 रु9.850
119Lypsa Gems6.72 रु19.80
120Shree Ganesh Bio1.54 रु61.390
121BCL Enterprises1.26 रु14.70
122R G F Capital0.83 रु12.450
123Kome-on Commun.2.09 रु3.150
124KD Leisures5.47 रु1.770
125Sabrimala Indus.5.64 रु4.910
126Colorchips New6.03 रु51.280
127Avance Tech.1.08 रु214.040
128Mittal Life Styl2.35 रु69.540
129Hi-Tech Winding2.18 रु1.060
130Nila Spaces4.8 रु189.060
131BITS2.49 रु27.860
132Janus Corporatio5.98 रु8.010
133Deep Diamond7.29 रु23.30
134Suvidhaa Info.6.86 रु142.310
135Navoday Enterpri8.62 रु6.640
136Quadpro ITeS7.5 रु37.920
137Press. Senstive7.84 रु116.30

Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs With High Market Cap

Penny stocks priced below Rs 10 which are completely debt free but are large in terms of market cap.

S.No.Company NameStock PriceMarket CapDebt
1Mangalam Industr5.89639.380
2Empower India2.33271.170
3Avance Tech.1.08214.040
4Nila Spaces4.8189.060
5Suvidhaa Info.6.86142.310
6Landmark Prop.9.9132.80
7BLS Infotech3131.290
8Press. Senstive7.84116.30
9Teamo Production1.1498.180
10Paras Petrofils2.8795.920
11Orchasp Ltd5.988.410
12NCl Res. & Finl.0.7378.130
13Tatia Global4.8773.830
14Mittal Life Styl2.3569.540
15Shree Ganesh Bio1.5461.390
16Pratik Panels9.2859.30
17Yamini Invest1.0655.750
18Colorchips New6.0351.280

Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs With High ROCE & ROE

Debt free companies trading at a price of less than ₹ 10 are those companies which have the highest ROCE and ROE numbers.

S.No.Company NameStock PriceMarket CapDebtROCEROE
1Press. Senstive7.84116.30109.7128.05
2MFS Intercorp9.424.0704534
3Bisil Plast2.4513.24024.1624.16
4Tatia Global4.8773.83018.5218.49
5Teamo Production1.1498.18016.614.83
6G-Tech Info.1.450.5101010
7Welcure Drugs4.896.6109.949.94
8Croissance Ltd6.0341.308.866.51

Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs With High Promoter Holding

Name of the company in Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs in which the promoter has the highest holding.

S.No.Company NameStock PriceMarket CapDebtPromoter Holding
1Swojas Energy9.0427.99075
2Libord Finance9.9915.69074.81
3Meyer Apparel1.915.3074.32
4Tahmar Enterp.2.698.39074.23
6Gem Spinners424.56072.86
7Future Ent. DVR6.4225.27072.22
8Quadpro ITeS7.537.92072.11
9India Lease Dev.9.8314.46070.5
10NB Footwear9.9913.49070.37
11Mangalam Industr5.89639.38070.15
13Colorchips New6.0351.28066.14
15Landmark Prop.9.9132.8064.86
16Mittal Life Styl2.3569.54063.32

Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs With High PE Ratio

S.No.Company NameStock PriceMarket CapDebtP/E Ratio
1Computer Point5.0115.0301503
2Sumeru Industrie2.4517.640882.1
3Ramchandra Leas.1.085.530552.88
4Avance Tech.1.08214.040522.06
5Haria Exports4.85.540277.23
6Paras Petrofils2.8795.920266.44
7Empower India2.33271.170246.51
8Yamini Invest1.0655.750232.18
9Jackson Invest0.9427.330210.24

Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs With Low PE Ratio

S.No.Company NameStock PriceMarket CapDebtP/E Ratio
1Press. Senstive7.84116.301.07
2Concrete Infra2.862.1504.48
3Konndor Indust.9.075.0107.49
4KD Leisures5.471.7709.83
6Vision Cinemas1.399.85014.26
7Wagend Infra1.054.95015.01
8Gemstone Invest.1.078015.39
9Libord Finance9.9915.69015.53
10Rander Corpn.9.812.08015.91
11Navoday Enterpri8.626.64017.47
12Janus Corporatio5.988.01017.79

Debt Free Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs With High 3 Year Sales CAGR

S.No.Company NameStock PriceMarket CapDebtPromoter HoldingSales Growth 3Yrs %
1Teamo Production1.1498.18040.891870.19
2Telesys Info.9.6119.6800542.32
3Softrak Venture6.8831.0100295.79
4Tahmar Enterp.2.698.39074.23271.33
5Shree Ganesh Bio1.5461.3900193.5
6BCL Enterprises1.2614.703.15176.28
7Croissance Ltd6.0341.3059.74131.34
8Rander Corpn.9.812.08023.29111.68
9Bombay Talkies4.624.8401096.82
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